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We offer QDRO preparation services for divorce and family law firms across the United States. If you are a solo practitioner or a large firm focusing on domestic family law you are sometimes required to create qualified domestic relations orders (QDRO) that must meet all legal requirements. Unless you are very experienced in preparing QDRO's, this is a malpractice risk and also complicated and time consuming.

Reviewing and drafting a QDRO document requires more than just filling in the blanks on a model QDRO.

Experienced divorce attorneys understand preparing a QDRO is mostly retirement plan law and not family law. They also understand being in charge of drafting a QDRO for their own clients or reviewing a QDRO prepared by opposing counsel has a malpractice liability risk because they are dealing with unfamiliar issues of the law.

Many family law attorneys outsource the preparation and review of QDROs to individuals who might be experienced in the field but cannot assume any of the liability due to the lack of bonding or malpractice insurance. We strongly urge you to outsource QDRO preparation that will be certified by an attorney which can lessen your malpractice risks.

Understanding the underlying financial issues of a qualified retirement account requires knowledge of pensions and various retirement accounts as well as the administration policies for multiple types of plans. Our services include reviewing client’s current retirement plans and customizing a document specific to your law firm’s needs.

About QDRO services for law firms and attorney John AndersonWe draft and review QDRO's for family law attorneys for the following:
Pension plans
Account based retirement funds
Union Pension plans
Defined benefit and defined contribution plans
Government pension plans
Military retirement plans

You may also refer your clients to hire the QDRO Headquarters directly for all QDRO related matters.

QDRO Headquarters also offers preparation and consulting services to plan administrators of union pension plans, defined benefit or defined contribution plans. We offer cost-efficient fast QDRO processing services on a flat fee basis thoughout the USA. Contact us for more information.

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